Is Kicksta Legit? 3 Reasons Kicksta Is Worth It
That’s the big question of the day. Without wasting so much of your time, Kicksta is legit. I know there are lots of scammy instagram growth services that can get your Instagram account banned. Chances are you have used some of these platforms before. They appear and disappear. This is why I would be reviewing many of these Instagram growth services to help you make a better choice. But as said earlier, Kicksta isn’t a spammy website. It’s a legit service that doesn’t get your account banned. Not only that, Kicksta has so far gathered lots of positive reviews and only a few negative reviews. Definitely, I don’t expect it to have just positive reviews as that is a sign that it was manipulated. But besides the positive reviews on platforms, here are the things I put into consideration when reviewing the service to ensure it’s credible. I have a post on 50+ website credibility checklist and it’s a helpful guide if you’re new to making safe online purchasing decisions. So in this review, I put into consideration the majority of the factors mentioned in the website credibility checklist alongside personal experiences. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Is Kicksta Legit? 3 Checklist

1. Kicksta has Thousands of Users

This is the best place to start from. We are social beings and that’s why social proof is a deciding factor. As of the time of writing, Kicksta has over 10,000 users that leverage their service to grow their Instagram followers. If it isn’t a legit service, it wouldn’t have lots of users and wouldn’t receive the favorable treatment it gets online.

2. Descent Website with Essential Pages

Sad enough, many of the spammy services don’t invest in decent web designs. And those that are smart enough to, always lack essential pages like Contact and About page. That’s the reality for most of the spammy services online. And digging into some of the crashed spammy services, they all have this in common. The majority of them lack a contact page and about page, definitely because their owners want to avoid public embarrassment and legal issues. So it’s being run without a founder’s name attached to it. Who wouldn’t want to be proud about his startup? Except it’s a spammy startup. Running Kicksta via this same checklist, Kicksta seems to be the only Instagram growth service with a very decent website design and credible about and contact page. Its founders aren’t ghosts. These founders have been interviewed about how they grew Kicksta to a $100K monthly recurring revenue. Having someone to hold accountable, a contact page to send complaints, and a story to tell, distinguishes Kicksta from the other scrappy services.

3. Doesn’t Sell Followers.

The very first thing that put me off from an Instagram growth service is when they offer to buy your a particular number of followers. For instance, 500 followers, 1000 followers, 2000 followers, etc. Such services that promise to get you a particular number of followers within a span of days, most of the time sells to you bot followers. For Kicksta, the case is different. Kicksta doesn’t sell you a number of followers neither does it promise to get you a certain number of followers. However, it has a system in place that helps you grow your Instagram followers. Kicksta engages with people in your industry on your behalf and in return expects your followers to grow. By engaging on your behalf, your Instagram followers will increase. Finally, having gone through Kicksta, I can assure you that Kicksta is a legit platform and it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can give it a shot and I would love to hear about your experience.

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