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What Traits Make Up A Great Content Developer?

As content marketing becomes more and more popular, it will, like anything  else become segmented and split into different roles. To have great content to market successfully, a content marketing plan must involve someone dedicated to creating that high quality content. Cue content developer.

Content Developer Traits Venn Diagram

Writing Skills

So you’re a grammar master, whoop-de-do. The best content developers online know how people learn, feel, and react. They are able to educate through facts and experience, deliver a well thought out theory, or even push the reader to the edge with controversial content. They can brainstorm great ideas, create killer outlines at the drop of a hat, and every word has meaning-they don’t just write to fill white space.

A content developer will also know their target market inside and out.  When a content creator knows exactly who his/her audience is, a world of engagement possibilities open up. Knowing how to engage visitors with words allows them not only to be a person the audience can relate to, but also a thought leader within their industry.

Visual Creation

A great content developer doesn’t need to be able to know Photoshop like the back their hand, nor do they need to be a Camtasia prodigy. What they do need to know is how to create and use visuals to entice the reader, keep the reader, and educate the reader.

Using visuals in content doesn’t always mean adding images or video to a piece, it could be as simple as breaking up content in a creative way. Bullet points, numbers, and content that’s broken up well with subheadings and short paragraphs, are all visually appealing (whether the reader realizes it or not) additions to content.

However, someone who creates kickass content will know how to use much more than bullet points and broken up content. Photoshop and Illustrator is certainly valuable, but additional tools like Jing, Tagxedo, Gephi, and pivot charts will be in their diverse arsenal as well. Content creators know that these tools help bring life to an otherwise visually dead piece of content, and they have the ability to use them in such a way that the reader can respond.

If no images are being created, but used from another source, the content developer should be familiar with attribution and how to make sure they use images correctly. Otherwise, they run the risk of legal action being taken against them or the website that houses the content.

SEO and Inbound Marketing Skills

Beautifully written words and visuals that make readers laugh until they fall out of their chair don’t mean anything if no one is able to find them in the first place. Having SEO experience will always play a part in producing great content.

The most skilled content creators know how to use SEO in their favor. They are able to leverage simple factors like title tags, URLs, image optimization, and know how best to sculpt their content within parameters that will give it a fighting chance in what seems like an endless abyss of content that’s published on a regular basis.

This person will also have the ability to plan the development stages of content so that it can be marketed well when it goes live. They understand the concept of linkbait and shareability. Taking into account a myriad of concepts and ideas like whitepapers, egobait, social leveraging, and interviews are just some of the tricks of the trade that they perform on a daily basis. In short, the best content developers know how to make content that sells itself.

So What Do All 3 Traits Look Like?

Dan Shure did a great job of incorporating all 3 of these factors when he dissected the anatomy of an awesome title tag. He kept readers involved with easy to read instruction, used visuals that were engaging and to the point, and implemented basic on page optimization.

Brian Hoff, graphic designer and wordsmith extraordinaire used his skills to illustrate common typography mistakes. The simplistic design of The Design Cubicle puts wonderful emphasis on the visuals and words. Marry that with basic SEO and you have ingredients that greatly accentuate the post to the point that it’s almost painful to stop reading.

Chris McConnell of DailyTekk wrote an amazing post about infographic posts and resources that also encompasses these 3 traits. Easy to read to-the-point information, screenshots of certain websites that were described, and all the necessary SEO.

2 Responses to “What Traits Make Up A Great Content Developer?”
  1. Lola says:

    Thanks for sharing the 3 excellent examples from Dan, Brian and Chris. Very valuable information. I agree that the best content creators must be well rounded in their skill sets, as well as flexible and willing to learn as technology and marketing tools advance.

    • Sure thing Lola. I’m glad you found them helpful. And yes, as more and more content is published online everyday it’s important for content creators to diversify their skill sets so they can constantly be reaching their audience in new and insightful ways.

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