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What Is Content Development?

What exactly is content development? In a nutshell, it encompasses brainstorming, researching, data gathering, and planning delivery methods as it relates to content preparation before publication. Examples could include finding images to go along with a particular post, recording and editing a phone interview before posting online, or it could even be something as small as citing different resources from around the web to include in a new blog post.

TextWriting Hand

Being a wordsmith will only get you so far when it comes to creating great web copy. Having the ability to to entice users with creative hooks, keeping them reading on the page with broken up content, and writing to entertain and educate, are all part of developing rockstar content. However, simple text will only go so far without great visuals and/or audio.

VisualBlack Film Reel

Images and video are key when it comes to keeping people on page and engaged. Not only do they help break up the page, but they can improve conversion rates, be humorous (if made to be funny), but increase relevancy – not only from a users standpoint, but also from the search engines view as well.

AudioEighth Note

Strictly audio oriented pages aren’t so common anymore, but things like podcasts are still very popular and can be a great way of establishing an audience that cares about what you have to say.

Development and Marketing Works For Any Size Company

Obviously the three mediums of content development and delivery are very different, but if companies can develop and market content in a particularly great fashion, they can build up trust, authority, and a following. Your business might not be the next Hulu or Wikipedia, but by laying plans to develop good content that your target market is receptive to – it could be only a matter of time before you too have an authoritative business of you own.

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