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Quick Content Curation In 60 Seconds Or Less

Being able to curate content with ease and speed is a skill. It’s not really enough to be organized, you have to know your subject matter inside and out so that you know which content is worth keeping almost immediately.

I’m afraid I can’t help you on the organized part, but below are some great ways to curate content quickly.

Google Reader

Setup Google Reader and add your favorite feeds. This makes it easy to scan all the headlines from your most visited websites easily and quickly. In addition, you can further speed things up by setting up folders for your feeds. This segmentation helps sort you information automatically, which is especially helpful if you need information on a specific topic for a blog post.

Google Reader Feed Snapshot

Search Cube

Search Cube is more unique in that it shows you content visually. It’s a little on the cumbersome side, but it does a good job of standing out from typical methods. Not to mention you can search by type for quick content curation.

Search Cube Content Curation Tool


Basically a social search engine, one of the best things about Topsy (besides cyber stalking your ex) is the ability to curate content ideas at the drop of a hat. It’s similar to Search Cube in that you can segment your search to only receive the type of content that you want to receive.  However, the real standout feature of Topsy is that you can sort by “Experts” related to whatever keyword you’re searching. Additionally, you can also see “influencers” that have tweeted about your query.

Topsy Social Search Results


This content curation method is something that’s also good for brainstorming content ideas. Simply search Google+ for whatever type of content that you’re looking for and a button will appear that says “save this search”. After saving, the query is just a click away under the “More” drop down above your main feed.

Content Curation Using Google+


Spezify is my new favorite toy. It limits content sources to Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Vimeo, eBay, Amazon, and Soundcloud. It’s visual in nature like Search Cube, but with a very different set of content sources to choose from. It took some playing around with Spezify to get the hang of it, but overall it’s a good tool to help your “out of the box” curation efforts.

Spezify Visual Content Search

Featured image credit: Gregg Richards

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