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Star Wars Content Calendar For Small Businesses

If you’re a small business with most (or all) of your business online, you already know that quality content is important. However, you may be struggling to publish quality content every day, or every week. This is when having a content calendar can help you.

As a small business, it’s likely that you have a super small staff. There are plenty of successful small businesses that operate their entire business (online and offline) with less than 5 people. Yes, it’s challenging and at times can be super stressful, but the more tasks you’re able to organize and put on “cruise control,” the easier things will become.

To help ensure that content isn’t one of the things that you pull you hair out over, I’ve customized a content editorial calendar below that can be tailored to fit most small businesses publishing needs.

Star Wars Content Calendar

This content calendar is designed to be a basic guide according to the three personality types below. Find the character that most closely resembles the content publishing habits of your website, then match it up with the schedule on the calendar.

Draft VaderDarth Vader in Episode VI

The Draft Vaders usually know that they should be publishing more content, but they find that going to the dark side and not publishing content regularly is much easier. Unfortunately, because of this they usually have a hard time publishing content on a regular basis. One piece of content published every two weeks (or less in many cases) is typical.

Han Solo PostHan Solo Screenshot Episode IV

Between putting up with Chewbacca, trying to keep Princess Leia happy, and the constant maintenance that the Millenium Falcon requires, Han Solo Post can be a real busy guy. These types of personalities tends to let other things sneak up on them and finds themselves scrambling to get a piece of content out on time. When it’s all said and done though, the Han Solo Posts of the content world are able to squeeze out a post per week on average.

Luke SkywriterYoung Luke Skywalker Screenshot

This young Padawan realizes how beneficial content publishing can be, and works hard to leverage it’s power by posting frequently. The Luke Skywriters are strong in the ways of The Force, and are able to publish 3 or more pieces of content a week.




DV=Draft Vader

HSP=Han Solo Post

LS=Luke Skywriter

For some of you Draft Vaders out there, it may be impossible for whatever reason to post more than a couple posts a month. After all, maybe you’re a one-man show that’s overextended as it is and can’t possibly find the time to squeeze in another quality post. That’s ok, there are other things that we can do to maximize the impact of what you can post, and update what’s already published.


Freshness of Content

Recently, Google updated their algorithm to give extra benefits to fresh content. While this automatically gave frequently updated websites a boost, that doesn’t mean that websites that don’t publish a new page everyday can’t benefit too. Instead of taking time to write another piece of content, you can do small things that help your websites “freshness factor” without taking too much time out of your already hectic day.

  • Update 2 Pages Per Week

This freshness factor involves updating (not creating) a piece of content. It can be anything from a few sentences, to a few hundred words. This strategy works better the larger the amount of change to the content, but if all you can manage is adding a couple paragraphs that’s ok. As long as those couple paragraphs contain more meaningful content you’ll be fine.

  • Update Important Parts of Content

When Google looks at your site they deem certain parts more important than others. Updating nav bars, footers, or even getting new comments won’t matter as much from a freshness perspective as would updating the <body> part of a page. If you ensure that you’re always updating the main body of an article or post, the 2 weekly updates will have that much more leverage.

  • Build 1 Fresh Link Per Week

We all know that links are valuable, but instead of wasting precious time and energy building backlinks from stale directories, focus instead on building links from fresh pieces of content. Google passes “freshness” through links that comes from fresh content. While I don’t promote blog commenting solely for link building, for the time-starved Draft Vaders out there, this may be the easiest way to get a fresh link. The best way to find fresh blogs to comment on is to use a search operator and limit your search results to show only the past 30 days. This can be done by customizing your “Advanced Search” settings from Google.

These factors are shown on the calendar under “Update Content.”

Timing of Content

Studies have shown that you can time content publication so that the life of a post, page, or article gets as much exposure as possible. For example, approximately 50% of Americans reside in the Eastern Time Zone, and another 30% reside in the Central Time Zone. So while it depends on your target market, you’re probably going to want to target the 80% of people in the Central and Eastern Time Zones.

If you marry this data with the fact that blogs statistically get the most traffic on Mondays, and that blog traffic peaks in the morning, you’re left with a great starting time for timing your content publishing.

Don’t Go To The Dark Side

Feel free to copy this content calendar and change it to fit your businesses needs. Not everybody’s business has similar capabilities, so you should tweak this schedule so that you can maximize it’s effectiveness.

Whether your business operates like a Draft Vader, Han Solo Post, or Luke Skywriter, there’s no denying that publishing regular quality content will help your online business. By having a content calendar, implementing small updates, and being smart about how you publish your content, you can better leverage the amount of time you have available for content.

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