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7 Steps To Creating Newsletter Content That Your Readers Will Love

The content in a newsletter isn’t exactly the same as what you would put in a regular blog post. There are different factors like setting, technology limitations, and headline importance, among other unique audience variables that are important to remember.

Respect Your Subscribers Time

It may sound silly, but not respecting your subscribers time is the quickest way to get them to hit the unsubscribe button. Shameful pitches, uninformative content, countless blasts, have “opt out right away” written all over them. Instead, respect their time by making every newsletter a high value source that they can look forward to opening whenever they see it in their inbox. You’re trading great content for their time, it’s not rocket science.

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Don’t Be A Lazy Ass, Take Time To Create Awesome Headlines

Writing headlines is a craft that some people will never totally master (I’ll admit it’s something that I need to work on too). Headlines are at the front lines of email marketing, and the entire newsletter is often only as good as the headline. It’s imperative that headlines combine as many click enticing variables that you can possibly muster. Be creative, daring, and innovative, because at the end of the day your message doesn’t mean shit if you can’t get people to read it.

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Easy On The Eyes, And Easy To Skim

You don’t try to confuse and distract your readers with poor coloring and monotonous design on your website, so don’t do it in your newsletter. Keep your design smooth so that your subscribers eyes flow with ease.

Keep in mind the setting that your audience is in when reading this content, on the go. Checking email from phones and clearing out new emails in their inbox. Often, you will usually have an even shorter amount of time to make an impression than on a regular webpage, so make sure all your design T’s and I’s are crossed and dotted to ensure that you capture their attention right away.

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Sculpt The Newsletter Around A Particular Topic

Just like you don’t want a webpage to be overcrowded and busy, you don’t want to put so many focus points in a newsletter that they don’t know where to look. That’s going to take away from the content that you do want to be seen, and it will leave your readers unsatisfied after reading your message. Focus on pre-qualifying your readers by getting them in whatever mindset you want them to be in by the time they’re done reading the newsletter. That’s done by sending a clear, precise message.

Get their attention with the content in the newsletter, and keep it during the transition by not putting too many things in front of them to get distracted.

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Follow The “Useful But Incomplete” Approach

While this isn’t something that’s a hard and fast rule, it’s very effective. Giving information to your subscriber so that they are interested in what they’re reading is good, but creating the content so that they are left wanting more on the topic is an art form. Having this skill enables you to achieve a critical step in email marketing campaigns – getting the click through.

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You’re Going To Need A Call To Action

CTA. One of the most fundamental acronyms in all of marketing. One would think that someone smart enough to have a newsletter would also know to create clear calls to actions right? You might be surprised. Whether it’s at the end in the form of simple text, or the beginning with some kind of graphic, you must get your subscribers to act. Your reader has opened the email, been enticed by the content in your newsletter, don’t leave them hanging by not pushing them to take the last step!

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Just Ask!

So here’s a simple one – just ask your readers what they want to read about. Allow an open forum that readers can post comments or email suggestions to you about the content in the newsletters. This can be something simple like a “Tell Us What You Think” button, or “Have 2 Minutes For A Survey?” link. This can be a great way to not only create targeted newsletters, but to connect with readers on a personal level as well.


Image Credit: VistalCO, and David Vignoni.

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